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T-Type Ruler



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Draw those perfectly precise lines without any errors!

WORK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL: Precisely made for any project, both for pros and amateurs, work and measure along any edge of a board or any workplace!

TOP-QUALITY MATERIAL: The non-reflective surface enables you to work with poor light or when you are tired!

EASY TO USE: Locate your sharp pencil, instantly mark your position with ease and use the micro holes and slots for better measurements! 

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Work in any environment and never again be bothered by the errors of using a conventional ruler!


Thanks to the tiny holes and slots within every gradation, you will be able to make dots or mark any line for precise accuracy!

The indented and etched-black scale will guarantee you work with ease and with high precision!

The top-quality material is very effective in poorly lit places thanks to its non-reflective surface and you will be able to work even when you get tired! 

The micro-fine marking holes at every scale will enable you to locate your pencil point and the 90° shape holds firmly while the two-scale surfaces help you mark at the top or at the edges!

Accuracy is the number one priority when it comes to working on big projects and you will have exactly that!

Dead-on precise certainty is rarely seen when working with conventional rulers!


Work as a real professional with dead-on precise accuracy! Get yours today!

Due to high demand, please allow 10 to 20 business days for your product to arrive within the USA, and 15 to 25 business days for international.

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